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Strawberry Cream

Buy CBD FX VAPE SERIES 500MG 30ML Some flavor combinations are simply timeless. When you pair the tangy, fruity taste of a just-picked strawberry with the light and refreshing sweetness of cream, you get one of the most satisfying experiences on planet earth. And now, this delicious flavor profile is available in our new Strawberry Cream CBD e-liquid. You already know you want a CBD oil-infused vape juice; you might as well get one that tastes good! Made from the same lovingly grown, organic hemp plants as all of our CBD products, the Strawberry Cream CBD vape e-liquid gives you a strong cannabidiol dose wrapped up in a delicious package.

Buy CBD FX Strawberry Kiwi

Is there anything better than the taste of a cool, refreshing Kiwi that bursts with flavor the second you bite into it? Now mix this with perfectly ripe, sweet and juicy strawberries and you’ll get the perfect combination of your new favorite fruit blend. With every hit, you’ll get a mouthful of succulent, fruity goodness that’s sure to leave you salivating for more. But it’s not just the flavor that makes this the best CBD vape juice around: we’ve optimized the perfect ratio of PG to VG so that each hit feels just right and produces the ideal amount of vapor. With the CBDfx Strawberry Kiwi e-juice, your dose of CBD just got a whole lot tastier.

Buy CBD FX Rainbow

For some people, the rainbow flavor brings back fond memories of the schoolyard. For others, it’s the unmistakably drool-worthy flavor of their favorite treats. Either way, our Rainbow Candy CBD e-juice is that juicy, sweet way to get your daily CBD dose that you’ve been looking for. The secret to our Rainbow Candy CBD vape e-juice isn’t just the lip-smacking, sweet and juicy taste; it’s also how we’ve dialed in the perfect ratio of PG to VG so that you get a smooth vape hit every single time.

Wild Watermelon

The first bite of a ripe, juicy watermelon has to be one of the best feelings on the planet. The unbelievably juicy flesh that generously gives you waves after wave of delectable watermelon goodness. At CBDfx, we’ve captured that feeling with our CBD e-liquid vape juice, giving cannabidiol users a taste they can celebrate with every hit. Of course, a flavorful watermelon would be wasted if it was painful to eat; which is why we’ve perfected our PG to VG ratio so that you get a smooth vape hit every time that’s never harsh.

Blue Raspberry

It’s tart, it’s sweet, and it’ll remind you of your favorite candy flavors growing up. Best of all, it won’t turn your tongue blue! Yep, we’ve distilled everything you love about that classic Blue Raspberry flavor into a CBD oil vape juice that makes your daily cannabidiol dose a fun and tasty treat. Of course, you could always stick to simple standards like CBD vape juice that’s hemp flavored… but why would you do that when you could visit the candy factory each time you pick up your vape?

Fruity Cereal

Who says that CBD juice for your vape needs to be one of the same old flavors that everyone else has? Get creative and conjure up the creamy, delicious taste of the cool milk at the end of a bowl of fruity cereal (Saturday morning cartoons are optional). You know what we’re talking about: that blast of fruit-flavored sweetness, cradled in a soft milkiness that leaves you aching to have more and more. CBD juice for your vape doesn’t need to be tasteless: instead, splash some flavor into your tank with our delicious take on a sweet morning with your favorite bowl of cereal.


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