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Buy rappers 1st choice Haupia Weed


Buy rappers 1st choice Haupia Weed strain Online – Haupian strain info – Rappers first choice weed

nHaupia is a rare female phenotype of Skunk #1 a cross between Afghanistan (Indica), Mexico (Sativa) and Columbia (Sativa).The light smell and the sweet tropical taste combined with the happy but clear buzz is what makes the Haupia  such an outstanding strain of cannabis. Smoke it when you’re under stress and let it do its magic on you and make you feel significantly better.

Haupia strain leafly – Buy Rappers weed – Buy Rappers weed online ,Buy Haupia weed strain Online

The strain Super musky gassy smell as soon as u open the bag .

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nThis strain THC level can be anywhere between 15% and 25%

  Shop haupia Marijuana – Where to Buy rappers 1st choice Haupia Weed online – Rappers weed

nThis has been one of the favorite tasting flowers since it dropped, the fruity melon terps that end on a smooth note candy. Smell is fruity but wasn’t as strong as the last batch.

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