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If you need something that will get the job done, this premium indica vape cartridge is it. The indica effects of the Sugar Sauce Live First Class Funk vape cartridge are powerful and noticeable right away. Live resin, a type of cannabis concentrate, is produced from buds that are harvested while still on the plant and immediately frozen. Produced via a technique known as “flash-freezing,” which locks in the cannabis plants’ flavor, aroma, and terpene profile, this product is a popular choice amongst cannabis enthusiasts. 
When it comes time to wind down for the day, we recommend this cartridge. Our stress was relieved and our spirits lifted; this is a top-notch item.Live resin is among the most potent of cannabis concentrates, and it also has a more robust flavor and, in many cases, a higher concentration of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Keep in mind that a little bit of live resin can go a long way because it is so potent.

Sugar Sauce Tropical Zkittles Fryd Carts Review

This vape cartridge came in standard great packaging from Fryd, and we appreciated the clear labels. The box for this strain has been colored a pretty pink to give it a tropical feel.

A very helpful security feature prevents the cart from leaving the box until it is disengaged. Turning off the safety switch allows the cartridge to be removed without any resistance.

The 510 standard cartridge’s mouthpiece is designed to make inhalation easy and efficient. Because the tank is see-through, you can monitor your cannabis intake with ease.

  • Small white and pink box
  • Sleek, simple packaging
  • Perfect for new Select users or repeat users
  • Small, thin, standard cart design with a Select “S” logo
  • The cannabis oil is a light orange and yellow color


  • Relaxed
  • Pain-free
  • Ease my mind
  • Get relief


  • Cannabinoid content: 88% THC, Under 2% CBD
  • Head high: 5/5
  • Body high: 3/5


This definitely isn’t a cheap cart. We can’t argue that Select doesn’t deliver high quality along with its high price tag, but we sometimes wonder whether that extra 20-30% is actually worth it.

  • Price: $80
  • Value: 4/5

Activation & Duration

We felt the effects of First Class Funk instantly after hitting this Sugar Sauce fryd cartridge. Select carts can sometimes fail to impress us with the duration of the effects they provide, though.

  • Activation time: Immediate
  • Effects lasted for: 30 minutes after two 3-second draws
  • Negative effects: None


Sugar Sauce packaging features clean labeling and simple designs, but it’s nothing special. We appreciate the addition of safety features, but the extra money you spend on Elite Live cartridges certainly isn’t going into the packaging design.

  • Packaging: 5/5

Flavor & Aroma

There’s an earthy and fruity aroma from the moment you open the package. These notes show up again both on inhale and exhale, though it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which type of fruit First Class Funk tastes like. Overall, this cartridge has a nice light taste with no aftertaste.

  • Terpene profile: Light fruity, piney, and earthy flavor
  • Flavor: 5/5

Order Sugar Sauce Tropical Zkittles Fryd Carts

To test this strain, a Best Dosage staff member vaped the cart using Select’s 510-threaded battery. This battery is easy to use and has three settings: 2.8v, 3.2v, and 3.6v.

To change your voltage, you click the button on the battery three times. We found that a few hits at the highest temperature setting usually did the trick.

Target Audience

This hybrid strain is acceptable for use any time of the day, but we think Sugar Sauce truly shines in the mid-to-late evening. Savor each moment of the high you experience with this pricey Select Elite Live cartridge — it won’t last long.

Select Elite Live First Class Funk Cartridge FAQ

1. What’s the difference between Sugar Sauce and Diamond Live resin?

fryd Sugar Sauce vape cartridges already feature some of the highest-quality cannabis distillate on the planet. Select Elite Live carts, though, also include live resin terpenes, which offer enhanced flavor and effects.

2. Is Tropical Zkittles indica or sativa?

Sugar Sauce is a slightly Indica-leaning hybrid strain. Expect this cultivar to provide mostly balanced effects that might veer slightly into the relaxing territory.

3. Where can I buy a Tropical Zkittles Sugar Sauce cartridge?

Fryd provides a store locator you can use to find retailers that carry this popular cannabis brand. You can also order Select Elite Live vape cartridges like First Class Funk using Amuse, Eaze, WeedMaps, or other popular cannabis delivery apps.

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